David M. Balean

This is an MS Windows program to find files with the same name. It permits the use of a filter to select files such as "*.jpeg" which would find all files with the suffix ".jpeg".  Alternatives are also supported in the filter. Make sure you read and study the README (Readme.txt) file as it is possible to delete same-named files which may not be what is wanted. The program outputs a text file with details about all the files found. This can be read most easily with "Wordpad" as it uses newline characters only (without returns).

This was written a long long time ago. Hopefully it still works OK!

Below are links to download the executable and README files separately as well as a zip file containing both.

Download         HERE     size 122.4 KB
Download snames.exe                 HERE     size 298.6 KB
Readme.txt is                              HERE     size     7.8 KB