A primitive graphical frontend for the su command 
By David M. Balean

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This describes xtermsu version 0.6

Brief Description
The purpose is to give the user a graphical interface to the su command. The user is always given three attempts even if the window is purposely closed. Note that  xterm  is required!  To start gedit as root the user would use the command:-
$ xtermsu gedit
It is possible to start more than one command by seperating the with semi-colons and enclosed with quotes.

A Screen Shot

xtermsu window
The user is presented with this xterm window to enter root's password. It is just a barebones window with no information. The user is given three attempts to get it right.  Clicking the "x" at the top right counts as an attempt.

Download xtermsu-0.6.tar.gz                 HERE
(size 335.3 KB - source files)

Download xtermsu-0.6-1.fc11.x86_64.rpm   HERE
(size 28.4KB - Fedora 11 binary for x86_64)