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The origins of the surname Bradford are probably English. Bradford would most likely have been applied to people who came from the area around one of the towns of that name although since there are Bradford towns in areas as far apart as Devon and Northumberland it is hard to be sure which, if any, might be correct. The Bradford family in our tree comes from the Brighton area in Sussex and appears to have lived there for many generations. There is a family tomb in St Nicholas’ Churchyard in Brighton that has an inscription to the memory of Capt. Ninyon Masters, who died 19th May 1766 aged 86 years. On the same tomb are memorials to: Ninyon Masters Bradford, d. 20th August 1841 aged 55 years; William, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Bradford, d. 1834 aged 26 years; Nathaniel Bradford, d. 30th November 1848 aged 67 years and Sarah (Osborne), his wife, d. 28thMay 1851 aged 78 years.

Edward Bradford (b.1580) is the first name that we have on the family tree. Apart from his year of birth, and the name of his son, Nathaniel, we have no other information.

Nathaniel Bradford (b.1633) married Elizabeth Lock on 19th February 1665. They had seven children; Elizabeth (1667), Susanne (1669), Martha (1671), Nathaniel (1675), William (1679), Thomas (1682) and Mary (1686). Elizabeth, his wife, died in 1724.

Elizabeth Bradford (b.1667) married Stephen Gunn. She died in 1693. I have no record of children.

William Bradford (b. 1679) married Ann Tuff (b.1675) daughter of Andrew and Ann Tuff. They had three children; Martha, Nathaniel and William (1710). William (the father) died on 21st September 1753 aged 74. Ann died on 14th February1761 at the age of 86.

William Bradford (b. 1710) married Joan Masters (b.1706). They had five children; William (1733), Ann, John Masters, Thomas and Nathaniel. William died in 1742 and Joan died in 1782.

William Bradford (b. 1733) married Betty Stuckey (b.1745), widow of Henry Stuckey of Somerset. Betty’s maiden name was Sugar. William and Betty were married at Brighthelmston Church, by the Rev. Henry Mitchell, on 29th May 1777. Mary Masters signed the marriage certificate. They had five sons; William (1778-1818), Ford (1780-1824-1824), Nathaniel (1781-1848), Thomas (1784-1818) and Ninyon Masters (1786-1841). Betty died on 28th June 1790 at the age of 48 and William died 16th June 1829 aged 95 years and 9 months. Apparently he had all his teeth and never went to bed sober!

Ford Bradford was born on 6th February 1780 to William and Betty Bradford. His wife’s name was Sarah and they had six children. He died on 28th February 1824 aged 44.

Nathaniel Bradford (b. 1781) married Sarah Osborne (b. 1773) on 20th May 1804 at Heathfield in Sussex, by the Rev. S. C Goodwin. They had three children; Betty (1806-1853), William (1808-1834) and Sarah (1812-1895). They lived in Brighton and are both buried at St Nicholas Church. Sarah Osborne didn’t approve of her daughter Sarah's husband, George Harrison. She never went to Sarah’s house, but Sarah and her children always went to see her at 79 West Street. Nathaniel is described as a ‘good sweet old man…’  and his wife, Sarah, is described as ‘…fond of going to sales…’. Nathaniel died in 1848 in the house at West Street, Brighton.  Sarah died on 28th May 1851. Both are buried at St Nicholas Church in Brighton.

Betty Bradford (b. 1806) married Thomas Atkins Inman, who died in 1846. I have no information about children.

William Bradford (b. 1808) married Mary Piper (b.1804). They had two children; Mary (1831) and Sarah (1833). William died of pneumonia from a ‘chill after steeplechasing’ on 24th December 1834 aged 26.  His younger daughter, Sarah, died on 29th December 1840 aged 7.

Sarah Bradford (b. 1812) married George Harrison (b. 1809) at St Nicholas Church, Cliftonville, Brighton on 21st June 1836. They had seven children; Sarah (1839-1919), George (1841-1873), William (1846-1912), Eliza (1848-1881), Henry (1851-1900), Frederick (1853-1925) and Fanny (1855-1915).

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Mary Bradford (b.1831) married John W. Silverthorne. They had six children; John Barnaby, Bradford, Arthur, Gertrude, Bertha and Leslie.

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