Welcome to Balean.net - Introduction to the Family History.

The family tree represented here is specific to a particular branch of the Balean family and those families that have married into this branch. That means those descended from Joseph Balian and Gertrude Rungs, believed to have lived in Cologne in the middle of the eighteenth century. The purpose of putting the family on this web page is to assist in the further research of our family history and indeed in gaining any knowledge of those who came before Joseph and Gertrude. We are interested in learning of any additional links and in particular those that may expand our knowledge of the early history of the family in France, Germany and in particular in Cologne.

There are naturally many other families that have married into the branch and a timeline is included that may assist in making any connections. We are interested in hearing from anyone who may know anything of Alan Balean's sons Alan Johann Balean and Jack Balean, who migrated to Canada between the wars and may have had descendents. Another family we would be particularly interested in are the Kent family of Shrewsbury.

There are some biographical details and anecdotes of those members of the family that we have been able to research. These are interesting in their own right as snippets of the social history of the time. Because much of the data is oral history it may be that there are some inaccuracies, because each person's memory will differ and legends are prone to exaggeration, however we are confident that the essence of the biographical data is true.

There is no mention here of any living members of the family. There are obvious reasons for this and any contacts that we may gain through this page will be protected in the same way.